Fragapalooza is put ona Community Event4 Days of Non-Stop Video Gamingfull of Tournaments & Prizesannually held since 1997 for Gamers by Gamers

What is Fragapalooza?

4 Days of Non-Stop Video Gaming at Canada's Premiere Video Gaming event.
What we are

What we are

Fragapalooza is an event put on by gamers for gamers.  We are a Community Event first and foremost, striving to bring together gamers young and old, from near and far, to engage with eat other in 4 days of fun.  Whether you are a casual gamer or a pro in your own right, we welcome you to join us, come together and enjoy the community we have built over the years.
What to expect

What to expect

Whether you are hearing about Fragapalooza for the first time or been with us for many years, we hope you enjoy all that makes the event what it is.
  • Our Sponsors help us make the event possible and without them we just couldn't do it.
  • Our Tournaments are the competitive part of our event and because of them we see some of the most amazing game play out there.
  • Our Prizes, whether for a tournament or as a give-a-away are always a welcome addition to every event we put on and winnable in various ways during Fragapalooza.
  • Our Community are some of the best people you will every meet, spend time with and enjoy each other's company.  We strive to make Fragapalooza a family friendly gaming event for all walks of life.
What you get

What you get

When you buy a Seat to Fragapalooza, you are buying access to an assortment of things:
  • Chair (but you can bring your own)
  • 2-2.5 ft Table Space
  • Network Cable (for your Internet and Network connection)
  • Power Connection (bring your own Power Bar) for Monitor/TV and Computer/Console
  • Access to Prizing and Tournaments